The work done by ACT is a delightful model where design, innovation and livelihood converges with a strong element of sustainability. Having known ACT and Nilanjana for sometime now, I think this model needs replication and upscaling. We at Swechha and Green the Gap wish her all the best for future.
Vimlendu Jha Executive Director , Sweccha, New Delhi

“Women of Badhwadi panchayat in collaboration with Action Centre for Transformation have not only created a magic through their dedication but have established an all inclusive and ingenious framework of social development processes by addressing critical issues of recycling, economic autonomy, creativity, innovation, capacity and confidence building measures. With this approach women of Badhwadi panchayat and ACT will traverse many a distance”

Eklavya Prasad, Director, Megh Pyne Abhiyan, Bihar
“I must congratulate the team for having given birth to this wonderful “baby” i.e. ACT. Consolidating ideas out of your rich length of experiences and creatively declare is, indeed, a commendable initiative. But the most important part of it is to nurture and nourish this in a manner to ensure the growth of child (ACT) from infant to adolescent and further to a matured stage of its professional statures and excellence. Building with the behavior of the organizations like ACT is, to my experiences, is more dynamic than nurturing our own child. Human being life across the universe is medically or socially very much measurable but the life of an organization is infinite. It is absolutely immeasurable as nobody has ever succeeded in doing so. You have therefore, come out an exceptionally brilliant initiative to create this child and I am very confident that a person of your compassion shall up bring this child with mark of uniqueness and visibility. Once again, very grand congratulation for this.”


ACT is doing a graet work in paer recycling in an innovative method and simultaneoully bringing an economic empowerment for the women
Sapna Mudgal , PANASONIC, Gurgaon

ACT ‘s effort on education and sustainability is bring a new change in the rural area where the community is motivated to run their self managed education center . The children get an overall exposure towards holistic development through computer literay, story telling, art and craft and sports. The change is seen in the children from the village and interest towards education has increased.

Mukund Thakkar, Interglobe, Gurgaon