Our Programs

Women Empowerment Imparting Art, Skill and Financial Literacy


Kaagaz ke Paankh program is an initiative which aims at social and economic empowerment of rural women by enhancing local handcrafting skill. ACT is trying to put forward some challenges to improve the quality of lives of poor by continuous training and capacity building of rural women in a very innovative and practical way to improve their standard of living. With the women in the village in Haryana , ACT has been implementing the program “Kagaz ke Paankh” by giving skill and value based training on art , paper up-cycling, design development, financial literacy and enterprise building. ACT is presently engaged with hundred women who are participating directly and indirectly.


Under this program, the women from the rural clusters are transformed to master trainers / master crafters from a learner and they provide skill development workshops on the art of paper up-cycling/ recycling to similar rural women clusters like them through NGOS, Corporate social responsibility and other organizations in different states. Among the many workshops conducted by the master trainers , the major ones are with Panasonic in Gurgaon, Hindustan Zinc in Udaipur, Modi foundation in Delhi and Need in Lucknow. The next skill development program is being organized in Hissar District with support from Jindal. Training for more than 150 rural women have been organized.

Training Programs – Learning and Practicing Together

ACT holds workshops with NGOs using creativity and innovation for social change on following topics:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Result Based Management
  • Women Financial Learning
  • Enterprise Building Training
  • Conserving Environment
  • Upcycling/ Recycling Paper
  • Women Health
  • Adolescent Health
  • Nutrition


ACT identifies the artisans in the area and the existing traditional craft .ACT helps the artisans to connect to the markets. It adopts the artisan families, works on the product, refines the product, buys their product at fair trade prices and provides them a market access. Artisans are provided with customized designs which they work on using their specific skills. Artisans are also invited to train our women clusters.


Paper Wings is the name of the green eco friendly products designed and developed by our vibrant rural women under Kaagaz ke Paankh Program. Under this, the handcrafted products are promoted and marketed at various levels to create awareness on using recycled products and develop an eco conscious society.

Education through Information, Innovation and Creativity


Project aao school chale was implemented with an objective to bring the slum migrant children into the mainstream education system and give them equal opportunities for their intellectual development. Ghata slum pocket was identified where 50 non school going children was connected with the government schools. The project was supported by the community themselves, individual donors and the Sun City government school.


The Rural Urban student exchange program with collaboration with ELNA focused on how to bridge the difference and challenges in the rural and urban children by promoting exchanges between them through ideas, knowledge and culture. The objective was to develop an holistic outlook of the children and develop a learning self development attitude. The urban schools involved are Banyan International School, Scottish High International, Manav Rachna, and Pathways School.



Udaan program focusses on creative learning and all round development of children and youths through alternative education methods. It was initiated in the year 2012 by establishing a community managed library and learning center. Availability of books, developing a habit of reading, imparting computer learning skill, education through art and craft, sports , ongoing counseling , story telling and street plays are the various methodologies adopted to impart an integrated learning. The programme reaches out to more than 500 children and youth.