Our Campaigns

1. Bring a change by giving newspaper Campaign ( 2011)
Bring a change by giving newspaper campaign was introduced in the year 2011 for the project “Aaoo School Chale” It was an innovative way to generate resources for the underprivileged children to bring them into mainstream education process. Corporate bodies like Genpact, Interglobe, Ranbaxy, Panansonic and Huawei Software Services participated in the campaign and donated newspapers. The funds collected by selling these newspapers was dedicated to arrange a mobility facility for the children going to the government school from their slum pocket. The newspapers transform lives by

  • By creating a linkage between the underprivileged children and schools so that the child can access to their education needs
  • By creating a community library to promote the goal of increased literacy and develop the habit of reading and learning among rural children.

2. Community Participation Campaign (2012)
Community participation and involvement ensures a project ownership and sustainability. Prior to the launching of the community library and learning center, a community participation campaign was conducted in village Bandhwari in the year 2012, which involved intensive meetings with the village stakeholders and the Panchayat. During this campaign a land was allotted by the Panchayat for the building the community library. The villagers committee took the responsibility to build the community library and learning center. The rural men, women and children were all involved in the identification of land, building the center and monitoring. The objective of the campaign was not only to aware people about the importance of active participation but also to practically do it at the grounds to guarantee sustainable results in the future. Interglobe, the corporate house supported the community by giving funds to build the center.

3. Book Donation Drive ( 2012, 2015)
Book donation Drive was launched in 2012 and then in 2015.The objective was to involve students, parents and teachers from the urban area to donate books to the rural community library. The campaign was conducted in schools, corporate offices and residential apartments. The books collected were given to the rural community library at Bandhwari. The Hindi story books were the most preferred ones. The books in the library and the community center inculcated the habit of reading among the children.

4. Creative Education Campaign ( 2012)
Education beyond the four walls of the school and the prescribed curriculum was the objective of the campaign. It is believed that if the children are given the freedom to explore, question and learn, they develop interest and make them thoughtful. The campaign focused on using the various creative arts like storytelling, paintings on paper, music and learning through rhythm. This helped the children to express themselves without a fear and bring out the best in them. The children find comfort and pleasure in expressing themselves. The campaign was spearheaded by Nalini from Interglobe. The passionate Interglobe Volunteers visited the rural village twice a week and conducted creative classes for the children. The campaign helped not only a positive increase in the confidence level of the rural children but also gave an encouraging insight to the volunteers.

5. Education through Games Campaign ( 2015)
Games encourage teamwork and collaboration and help cultivates a problem solving attitude that helps a student in every aspect of their lives. The Interglobe parterned with us and led educational sessions and conducted a month long campaign for 40 students from the village to play different games and sports and inculcate an habit of teamwork, learning and sharing. This empowers the child with confidence.

6. Newspaper Collection Drive ( Ongoing)
Newspaper collection drives is conducted time to time in the schools, corporate and residential apartments which motivates people to give away their old newspaper. The awareness is created among the people and the society about recycling and upcycling. The trash of newspapers becomes a potential raw material for the women clusters. Giving away their old newspaper will help them to connect to the groups of rural women who turn this newspaper into a different line of eco friendly utility products and earn an income for themselves.

7. Swacch Bharat Campaign ( Ongoing)
Swacch Bharat Campaign is a national level campaign to clean the street, roads and the other infrastructure. The community, primary involving the children and the women are implementing the Swacch Bharat Campaign in the village Bandhwari to make their community clean and healthy.

8. Plantation Drive ( 2012, 2015)
Under the Million Tree Plantation drive, in Gurgaon, ACT participated in the plantation drive in the monsoons of 2012 and 2015 to plant 100 trees in villages around to make the city and the villages green with their participation.

9. Good Health Campaign ( Ongoing)
Good Health Campaign is a self supported campaign in the project villages where ongoing counseling to the women groups are provided on the various health issues like reproductive mother and child health, food and nutrition, safe drinking water, child care, adolescent health, sanitation and hygiene.

10. Blood Donation Campaign ( 2011, 2012, 2013)
ACT joined hands with Bangiya Parishad and participated in the Blood Donation Campaign which was organized by Red Cross Society, Gurgaon. ACT helped in motivating people to donate blood for emergency situations.

At the same time during these camps the people were asked to bring old cloths which were distributed in the nearby slums of Gurgaon to the underprivileged people.

11. Corporate and Students Doers ( Ongoing)
ACT believes in Corporate Social responsibility and encourages this gesture among young people from the corporate sector and educational institutions..It motivates the young and the privileged to think about their fellow counterparts who are not so privileged. We encourage people to give their time and expertise to the various programs of the organization and experience the rich and rewarding practice through volunteerism. Volunteers from companies, corporate, schools and universities and other organizations are associated with ACT from time to time. We welcome any help and support which will strengthen our program. We will be happy to have more passionate volunteers who can work along with us to make a difference. Each year we have students from IICD, NID, Delhi University, XISS and other colleges as a part of our Student Learning Program. ACT gives them an environment to understand the existing social issues and gives them training on leadership and their role and responsibility as change agent. We believe that the youths are the next generation which will bring change in the society with their creative leadership and out of box ideas.